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A commitment to excellence through Quality, Value & Customer Service.


A Family Affair

The P. Joseph team is comprised of a group of people with a collective experience totaling more than 50 years of home building and service to our home buyers in the communities in which we are given the privilege of working. Behind it all, is a commitment to excellence and a passion to exceed expectations in all we do.

Traditional in our values.

Persistent in our pursuit to be the best.

Accomplished in our experience in the industry.

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Trees Planted

We believe the importance of stewardship of our environment cannot be overstated and has continued to be under discussed over the decades. While the issue of the health of the ocean, production methods of our foods and the impacts of today’s industrial society on tomorrows future are all important issues that need to be discussed we realize the immediate impact our industry has on the environment.

It takes approximately 42 fully grown trees to build a single home. There are 127 million homes in the United States. That is over 5,000,000,000 trees, yes, 5 Billion with a B, in the U.S. alone.

While our contribution may seem like a drop in the bucket we hope to inspire others to participate when looking at issues that affect our environment. It is the present inconvenient, but ultimately correct, choice that will allow for a more comfortable future.

“One small change by an individual can have great effect when multiplied across the whole of society” – JP